About Dr. Suzanne Metzger          

     For the past 20 years, Dr. Suzanne Metzger has been captivating audiences with her keynotes and training sessions.  Specializing in communication, Suzanne’s goal is to help people understand the incredible power of soft skills through each customized presentation. 

Her conviction and passion for the power of soft skills extend far past the microphone and stage.  She has combined this earnest belief system to the study of “new” leadership while working on  her Doctorate in Business Administration.  The resulting seminars and message in “personal leadership” have been responsible, in large part, to her receiving numerous awards as a speaker and entrepreneur.

Author of Learning Through Living...Some Assembly Required and co-author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Living with Breast Cancer, Suzanne leads workshops and writes columns on self-motivation hoping to help others get themselves on the right track.

Many of her attendees will agree that “she will  definitely change the way you look at communication, leadership and life.”   

For Further Information:

Dr. Suzanne Metzger
President, Corporate Masters, Inc.
Phone : 317-837-186

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